Mercy: Rising Out of Poverty

Mercy standing with her basket of bread she sells at the market

Mercy started working with VisionFund Ghana in 2000, when she was 41 and her first loan was for GHS 150.00 (US $33.33). Mercy said, “I added the loan from VisionFund Ghana to my small savings to buy flour and other ingredients for baking. After few months of savings, I was able to buy four big bags of baking flour and also increased the size of my oven.”  

Mercy at her bakerySubsequent loans were used to buy more items needed for the business and she used profits from the business to pay her children’s school fees, take care of their food and also pay hospital bills when they were sick.

Mercy is full of joy for how far she has come with the help of God and through VisionFund Ghana, she has been able to acquire a piece of land and build a decent house for her children.  

Mercy added, “The key milestone for the past 15 years has been the improvement in my life as a result of VisionFund. I have been able to take care of my children, pay their school fees and also build a nice house where we live currently."