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Our Work

Our Work

For 20 years, VisionFund has focused on delivering quality microfinance products that promote financial inclusion in rural areas, particularly for people living in poverty.

Why Microfinance? 

Microfinance is one of the most important tools to help families and communities break free from the cycle of poverty. By providing microfinance products and services to the financially underserved, families are empowered to generate their own income, and not rely on charity in the long term.   

For global Christian relief, development and advocacy organisation World Vision, microfinance is part of its comprehensive livelihoods sector work, which strengthens and secures livelihoods of rural households so they can provide sustainably for their children. The core focus of the microfinance model is providing smallholder farmers and off-farm enterprises across the poverty spectrum with the financial services they need to recover and thrive.  

World Vision enacts its microfinance services through VisionFund, a network of 25 microfinance institutions around the world providing access to creditsavings and insurance products to the most vulnerable households. VisionFund’s eight key focus areas ensure that we deliver the right products to fit our clients’ needs, whatever their personal situation. 

When Disaster Strikes
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Fragile Contexts

In places of crisis and conflict, providing financial inclusion services can drop to the bottom of the emergency relief agenda. VisionFund is breaking the mould by providing the products and services that help communities thrive, even when affected by fragility.  

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VisionFund provides credit in the form of microloans - loans of between US $20 and US $2,000 that allow families to start and maintain their livelihoods. Our different loan models allow our clients to receive the right support.  

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VisionFund is always working on new ways to ensure we are measuring and maximising our impact, using and measuring child well-being outcomes, the Poverty Probability Index, the Sustainable Development Goals, and many more in all our services.

Husband and wife who have grown their farming business with a loan from VisionFund Mexico.
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Innovating new products and ideas is key to being at the cutting edge of financial inclusion trends. From irrigation loans to disaster recovery insurance, VisionFund has a bold vision for new forms of financial inclusion. 

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When disaster strikes, those living in already vulnerable situations can have their resilience completely eroded. VisionFund’s microinsurance products helps people recover from shock faster and stronger than before.   

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Rural Agriculture

70% of the world’s poor live in rural areas, relying on farming for food and income. VisionFund prioritises clients in rural areas to ensure nobody is left behind when it comes to financial inclusion, no matter how remote. 

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Savings Group Loans

Savings groups are owned, managed, and operated by the members, using a simple, transparent method where groups accumulate and convert small amounts of cash into savings. The group’s savings are then lent as credit to the group’s entrepreneurs to earn additional income. 

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Women's Empowerment

Though women are 70% of the world’s farmers, they are 9% less likely to have a bank account than men. VisionFund is committed to creating and promoting products and services that understand and respond to the unique needs of women in rural areas.