Nyamkhuu with her daughter and their cattle

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Loans Products:

1) Solidarity Group Loans - The key feature of this product is that members of a group guarantee each other, and collateral is not required. By taking a loan as group, it opens the door for group members to share financial or business knowledge and experience.

2) Business Loans - The loan can be used to finance businesses, such as business expansion, working capital, stock/inventory and other related business investment.

3) Child Well-being loans - This loan is for clients who have stable business or salary income and need additional financing for consumption. If clients want to take a loan for their household consumption, this product will be convenient. Likewise, clients can take a loan if finance is needed to support the children's wellbeing.

4) Loans with World Vision Mongolia - Used only in cooperation with World Vision to support of beneficiaries of special projects of WVIM.

5) Housing Loans - The loan can be used to finance the construction or repair of the house, apartment and fence.

6) Car collateral loan - The loan can be used to fund businesses and family needs of people with business or salary income.

7) Eco loan - The loan can be used for people who wish to purchase eco-friendly equipment that supports improved health or ecological benefits, such as an eco-electric heater or an eco-air purifier.

8) Additional Financing - Additional Financing is a loan that is dedicated to give an opportunity to clients to grow their business and ensure financial sustainability.