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Vision Fund Guatemala (VFG) is a microfinance institution with more than 26 years of experience, for 20 years under the name of the Guatemalan Association for Development (AGUDESA) and in August 2016 it changed its name to VisionFund Guatemala SA. Both institutions were established with the sole mission of promoting the sustainable economic development of families in both rural and vulnerable urban communities in Guatemala.

VFG provides individual and group loans to clients that allows them to invest in their business, thus increasing family income by improving the quality of life of children in Guatemala.

Currently VFG has a presence in five departments of 22 nationwide, with a total of 10 agencies and one National Office. VFG works in three regions. In 2017, VFG had a financial rating of BB- by the microfinance company rating and a SPI-4 audit rating of 74%.