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The Bolivian Development Foundation (FUBODE), VisionFund Bolivia, is a Development Financial Institution affiliated with World Vision and VisionFund International.

As a subsidiary of World Vision, we are motivated by our Christian faith, and have dedicated ourselves to working with the most vulnerable people, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender, this as a sign of God's unconditional love for all people.

FUBODE was born in Bolivia, on April 24, 1997, to work with small entrepreneurs from the most vulnerable populations in Bolivia, preferably from the areas of influence of the Area Programmes (PA’s).

Today FUBODE continues working to promote sustainable transformative development with Christian values, through financial services and training, aimed at families and impoverished communities in the country, seeking to improve their quality of life. The achievements of this mission focuses on two action tasks: provision of resources such as a Financial Development Institution (IFD) and creation of new microfinance products.

FUBODE has become a leading entity in Bolivian and Latin American microfinance, obtaining a very high social performance rating issued by MicroRate and finally its long-term sustainability is materialized by being among the 40 most profitable Microfinance Institutions (Microscope 2010, The Magazine Economist).