Vietnam | Our Work

Our MFI lends small sums of money to people who do not have a measurable credit history, assets to secure the loans, or access to mainstream financial providers. Loans provide funds that enable borrowers to set up and grow their small businesses or to improve their well-being. We currently apply group methodology for all our loans.

Our products are diverse which include:

  • Loan for business development (agriculture, trade and service)
  • Social loan
  • Loan for poor, near-poor households and households with MVC
  • Recovery loans
  • Top-up loan and parallel loan

We also support our clients by offering non-financial services including: 

  • Client financial literacy education 
  • Business development skills 
  • Household economic management skills 
  • Awareness raising and advocacy for climate change adaptation, gender inclusion, safe houses, childcare, and many more issues that affect our clients.