Empowering women in rural communities

Terça, 05 de Abril de 2022 - 06:17
Terça, 05 de Abril de 2022 - 06:17

Ms. Cong has been participating in loans for six rounds, from a loan of 10 million to 25 million. The loans were used for various activities such as animal breeding, rice cultivation, building her house and supporting her children’s education. Since taking her first loan she has also learned how to save more and gradually improve her income and the wellbeing of her family.

We are very happy to have contributed to improving the quality of life for Ms. Cong. Not only is she a good client, but she is also a fast and responsible person. We have great confidence in Ms. Cong and have elected her to be the leader of our loan team. As the leader, she has actively supported many households in the group through exchanging information, organizing group meetings, mobilizing people in the village to participate in other MFU activities such as training in livestock and cultivation.

With the savings and loans from the program, she has been able to renovate her home which is nor more spacious, her children are educated, and the family has a stable income. Pictured are her children helping her perfect the brooms that she makes. With the positive results that her family received from MFU funding, she shared her experience with many other women in the village with the desire to help them improve their lives like she was able to with her family.

Story by Nguyễn Duy Hiệp, MFU Vietnam