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We're lifting families out of poverty through the power of financial inclusion.

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Largest Christian Microfinance Network

We're a Different Kind of Financial Institution

Our financial inclusion services are integrated into World Vision, the global Christian relief, development and advocacy organisation, a global leader in improving and transforming the lives of children, their families, and their communities.

VisionFund's financial inclusion solutions enable families and communities in World Vision's program areas to develop a reliable source of income and livelihood. By providing microloans, microsavings and microinsurance services, along with strong partnerships, we are working together to bring families and children out of poverty. For good. 

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Learn how we are impacting the lives of over 4 million children every year. 

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Our History

Since our founding in 2003, when World Vision created a separate microfinance arm for its operations, VisionFund has expanded to include 28 microfinance institutions across the world with over 7,398 staff. Learn more about our 16-year history.

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