Biljana and her son with their bounty of potatoes harvest.

Getting Down to Business

“At first I was surprised that I was eligible to receive a loan, considering the fact that my farm was not registered, but after I received the money, after the positive shock, I got down to business” says Biljana Dilparic, a VisionFund Serbia AgroInvest client since 2007, today a breeder of vegetables in all seasons.

Biljana began her first greenhouse operation with her first VisionFund AgroInvest loan after losing her job in the factory where she had worked for years. She started with a loan of EURO 1,000. Today, she is in her fourth loan cycle and is known for the high quality vegetables she produces and sell.

Moreover, she is thinking to further expand her business and to start growing flowers. “It is easy to plan, when you have partners,” says Biljana, referring to the good relationship she has with AgroInvest Loan Officers.