Borko in his own souvenir store.

Creating and Selling Local Crafts

Our client Borko Šavran from the village Zlakusa, Serbia, lives by the motto “When there is a will, there is a way”. 

This young man, who is married and is a father of two small children, always wanted to open his own business. Since Uzice is a tourist region, he decided that the best idea for a small business would be a souvenir shop where he would sell his own craftwork.

Borko was aware that  the only way to pursue his goal would be to do it step by step. He knew that first he had to acquire the necessary skills, thus, starting in 2007, he spent three years working as an apprentice for one of the known craftsmen in the region. 

In June 2010, Borko felt that he is now ready for the challenge of opening his own souvenir store. He saw VisionFund's Agroinvest leaflet and decided to apply for a loan. With his first loan, Borko bought a machine for craft production. “Finally, I was able to do what I always wanted – use my creativity and skills to promote the Uziceregion, but primarily provide a better living for my family.” says Borko. 

“As far as the cooperation with Agroinvest goes, I like the positive attitude and the kindness of its employees. The procedures are prompt and not complicated; the Loan Officer provided a lot of help and a genuine support. When I decide to upgrade the business even more, I am sure I will only apply for a loan with Agroinvest.” says Savran.