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Savings Linked Insurance for Resilience Report

Written by Solène Favre, Global Insurance Director

VisionFund and World Vision recently embarked on a two-year pilot project to provide health insurance to World Vison savings group members and their families in Ghana and Malawi.

Our field surveys in 10 countries revealed illness not only as the most frequent but also as the most financially impacting risk.

WHO reports that a 100 million people are driven into poverty annually by having to fund their health costs and over 30 million children are in danger of secondary health impacts as a result of COVID 19.

Furthermore, climate change related shocks have increased in extent and frequency resulting in increased risk for crop and livestock losses.

It is with this context in mind that VisionFund and World Vision prioritised addressing the need to protect beneficiaries and borrowers from the impacts of external shocks and sliding back into poverty.

VisionFund has developed a range of insurance products that include credit life, crop insurance, livestock insurance, asset insurance and health insurance for its borrowers.

Read below a report providing highlights of the pilot’s outreach, impact, and learning that are now being used to scale up and replicate the project in other countries where we operate.

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