Vietnam story

Out of Poverty, into Sustainability

Phan Kế Loc's is a client of MFU Hai Lang branch. With loans from MFU, he improved his family’s economic livelihood with various forms of business.

After just a few years, Phan lifted his family out of poverty sustainably by investing in bio-padding techniques in chicken farming.

What is even more remarkable is that in 2019, Mr. Loc won the Citi Micro-Entrepreneurship Awards (CMA) organized by Citi Foundation and Vietnam Microfinance Working Group.

When visiting Mr. Loc's family, our loan officers were happy to see his business results from MFU funding. Taking a look at the family's straw-filled golden chicken nursery, he shared:

"I am very lucky to be involved in the Microfinance program. In addition to having access to long-term capital to invest, I also participated in training courses on chicken farming, SRI rice, and onion cultivation. Thanks to the variety of production and business models, my family's income has improved greatly, and it will bring a bright future to my family and children."


Story written by Nguyen Thi Thanh Ha, VisionFund Vietnam, edited by Mariana Combariza