Myanmar | Client | Daw Nwe Nwe Tun

Unlocking Opportunities through Digital Tools

I was extremely pleased when VFM started offering digital loan payments through mobile money. It was convenient and safe especially during these times of the pandemic and political crisis. I can pay at a convenient location near me and I can avoid long queues.

VFM client Nwe Nwe Tun is among those who easily embraced new technology to adopt to challenging times.

She and her husband Tin Naing Htwey used to support their family of four by selling vegetables and ready to eat meals. They make 300,000 MMK (US$180) a month, with most of the money going towards paying off loans from money lenders who charged them high interest rates. It was when she joined VisionFund that their situation improved. With her first four loans with VFM, Nwe Nwe Tun was able to expand her vegetable business, buy a three-wheel motorcycle for her husband’s delivery service and pay off debts. The family’s income increased to 750,000 MMK (US$456).

On her fifth cycle loan, Nwe Nwe Tun started a new business by setting up a clothing shop. Just when the business started to do well, COVID pandemic hit Myanmar and with various restrictions in place her business was affected. However, this did not deter Nwe Nwe Tun. She turned to social media to market her goods and started an online shop. By selling clothes and footwear both online and in a physical shop, her sales rebounded.

When the military took over in February 2021, there were widespread outages of internet access across the country. Nwe Nwe Tun was forced to stop her online business for a month. But just like in previous time, she easily bounced back when the situation allowed her to go online again.

“VFM was there for me during these difficult times. Not only did I continue to receive loans, VFM also supported its clients by extending grace period for loan payments depending on our capacity to repay,” Nwe shared.

In her four years as VFM client, Nwe has seen her family situation improved. She and her husband are able provide for the family’s needs. They dream of one day owning their own land and expanding her clothing business.