Family with pigs they sell in Myanmar

From plants to pigs – working hard to progress

Mye is a 39-year-old strong, sturdy mother to three children aged 12, 16 and 19 years. Her husband is in the military and often away from home and even though he sends money each month, it’s not enough for her to support the family.

Through VisionFund, she became part of a solidarity group and took out her first loan of 500,000 Myanmar Kyat (US$321) in December 2017. She used the funds to begin her pig rearing business with the purchase of seven piglets. While she was waiting for her piglets to mature, she used their manure as a fertilizer for her crops. She now has 40 pigs as two of her best sows delivered 24 piglets.

woman holding piglets

She has since taken out more loans and purchased more pigs. From her profit from the sale of her pigs, she paid for her children’s education. Mye says, “I really want my children to graduate. I don’t want them to be farmers like me, the work is tiring and I’m on my feet all day in the heat. I expect a lot – I want them to graduate and get a good job with a steady salary. I want my children to focus on their studies, then focus on marriage (in that order).” She wants them to be professional like VisionFund employees.

Mye is always thinking ahead, during the rainy season she plans to plant guava fields and then she plans to plant more pumelo trees.

family in front of pomelo trees on their farm in Myanmar

“I really believe in myself. I encourage myself, if I don’t do this then who will take care of the children? The most important thing is to believe in yourself.”

I don’t like people who say “I can’t get any money – because you can always make money, there are plenty of resources, you just have to do it.”

Her 16 year old daughter, Shweyi tells us, “My mother’s business is growing well. I am proud of her but I don’t want to be a farmer. I want to go into the military like my father.”