Maria and her llamas

Maria considers herself a very social person, seeking the well-being and good quality of life for her family and therefore of others as well. Her family breeds llamas, and she works together with her husband to tend them in the fields.

“My children fill me with joy and are the reason that I have the strength to work hard and improve myself,” she says. Wanting to improve the quality of the breed of llamas that she keeps, she wanted to buy a new breed. When she heard of VisionFund Ecuador and the loans provided, she applied for a loan to invest in purchasing llamas and cattle.

The pandemic was hard on her community, but they did not stop working and did not have many infected cases, but it stopped them from being able to travel to the city.

“I allow myself to think that everything good we do in life is returned, including the good example we set for our children who will be the light to shine in the future,” she says.

She is thankful to VisionFund for helping her establish the starting point to achieve her goals and that of her family.

“I am very grateful VisionFund for the support provided to farmers,  ranchers and small entrepreneurs so that they can shine in the future since it allows us to access easy credits, with low interest rates and guiding us to invest our money better. Ultimately we will have a life and a bright future with the help of our savings and we will improve the quality of life of our children, and we will have the opportunity to continue working with our neighbouring  communities  to improve our activities,” she says.


Written by Nelson Ricardo Llumitasig Condor