Looking for a thousand and one ways to prosper

“I am a single mother; my (daughter) Ali is the one who gives me the strength to continue day by day, and for her I look for a thousand and one ways to prosper in my business," says Irma, the owner of a small animal husbandry business in Ecuador. “We live in my mother's house and rent the land where I have my little animals.”

“Waking up every morning is a reason to never give up," she says. "It is true that many times life has become difficult for me, but I have always had the support of my mother, she has never left me alone. When I started with my business there were times when life got very complicated, but I decided from the moment I started that I would never give up and would always look for a way to get ahead.”

She explains that there are not many job opportunities where she lives and that her first loan from VisionFund helped support her dream. “I always remember that moment and it drives me to make my payments on time, and I have received bigger loans since.”

“Digital media has been very useful in my business because I can contact buyers, conduct negotiations and close sales. In this way I can support my family, cover expenses and progress. In my opinion, cell phones and computers, when used correctly are very beneficial, they help a lot and allow us to connect with people who are far from us.”

Small loans from VisionFund helped her grow her business of animal husbandry and buy the technological tools that were a fundamental part of her business.

“I am grateful to God to have put VisionFund on our path because thanks to their trust in me, my business has grown, and we have a better life together with my little one," she says.


Story and photos by: Jaime Fernando Hernández Cualchi, VisionFund Ecuador