Catherine - Malawi Fires

Recovery Loans Help After a Fire

Life can be cruel at times. This is a story of a woman entrepreneur, who invested all her energy and funds to boost up her family's livelihood by engaging in a cosmetic business in the Lilongwe market. She lost everything  during a fire that razed the Lilongwe market on 23rd September 2016.  “Life lost its meaning to me, there was no hope in sight; for three days I had to be indoors as I didn’t have anywhere to fall back upon and didn't know how to face the challenges of life,” said Catherine.

As single mother with two children, Catherine had been selling cosmetics since 2013 and her business had been steadily growing since she got her first loan from VisionFund amounting to US $250. 

After her valuable shop caught fire, Catherine didn't know what to do, as she had no money to buy new stock. Her landlord offered to renovate her shop and she had to search for capital financing for her business, which VisionFund Malawi offered her through the recovery lending initiative.

"VisionFund loans are the best loan services I have ever known in my business, this is evident through the insurance services which covered my outstanding US $3,334 loan balance. Through the devastating shocks of life all you need is a friend who will hold you by the hand, and VisionFund Malawi has proved to be such a friend to me," says Catherine glowingly.