How a WASH Loan Washed Away Financial Insecurity

Irene would always dread the dry season.

Rising temperatures meant rising water shortages – a threat to her family’s livelihood.

Irene, an agricultural entrepreneur and mother of three, would walk long distances to secure clean water for her crops, livestock, and poultry. However, due to the intense heat, she would struggle to find enough water to ensure a healthy growth for her produce. Sadly, many times her fruit trees would dry out and her cattle would fail to produce enough milk to give her a reliable source of income to support her family.

But that was about to change.

In May 2021, Irene secured a WASH loan from VisionFund, which she used to purchase a water tank. And hope.

Today, Irene expresses great joy as she explains how she now uses the tank to gather rainwater to store for use during the dry season, ensuring that her crops will always continue to flourish despite the waves of intense heat.

And to add to her excitement, her animals will no longer fear emaciation, for she happily shares “now our cattle are healthy and their milk production has highly increased, and our bulls will give back a good income at the time of selling” due to the nourishment they gain from the clean water.

Dread doesn’t come with dry seasons anymore.

Thanks to VisionFund’s WASH loan and faith in Irene’s business, Irene can now just step outside to access clean water and ensure her family financial stability.

Praise God.


Original Story by Stephen Musyoki Kimani, VisionFund Kenya. Edited by Mariana Combariza