Dreams are meant to be fulfilled

When I start writing this story, I can only describe Mrs. Maria Magdalene as an empowered woman. Describing Mrs. Maria is complicated because there are many virtues that are part of her. Knowing her story inspires me since her work is her letter of introduction.

Mrs. Maria has been a client of VisionFund for over 10 years, starting with her first group loan when it was still called FODEMI. She remembers that her first loan was US$400 and that there were eight group members, and that after three cycles they were approved individual loans.

At that time her business was honeycombs but it was only a little profitable. That is why Mrs. Maria began to raise pigs, and the business grew, little by little. One day she decided to buy 30 guinea pigs, and she says with a smile that it has been one of the best decisions of her life since from that moment her business has prospered by leaps and bounds. She currently has about 500 guinea pigs.

“I can implement the cages and huts thanks to the trust that VisionFund gave me,” she says. The loans helped her optimally grow her business. María is the only one in her sector that has this line of business, therefore, she does not have competition. Her competition is herself, and every day she gives the best of herself to be able to surpass herself.

Maria’s husband does not live in the city and is why she has taken over his business. An inspiration to many, she has not been intimidated by anything and every day she gets up to continue fighting for her and her family.

She has 3 daughters, the eldest is 22 years old, the second 18 and the third 15 years old. Maria is anxiously waiting for her eldest daughter to complete her university studies and be able to see her as an empowered woman, owner of herself and her dreams. It's what she longs for her three daughters.

Through her business she can employ more women, including her sister, who deeply admires María's tenacity and follows her example of empowerment every day. Women who work with Maria can provide economic sustenance to their homes and above all be economically independent.

"Empowered woman creates empowered communities, and there is nothing better than leading by example; I wish that my daughters can see in me tenacity and perseverance, that there is nothing that a woman cannot achieve, dreams are meant to be fulfilled and I am fulfilling mine being an empowered woman," she says.


Story by Jaime Hernandez, VisionFund Ecuador