Margarit and her three year old son on their farm in Armenia.

Hope for a Brighter Future

Margarit lives with her husband, three-year-old son (pictured), and in-laws, in Koghb village, Armenia. Although they've met many difficulties raising their farm, they haven't lost hope for a brighter future. The family owns an inspiring farm of pigs, piglets, and chickens; they also cultivate plum, apple, walnut trees, strawberries, and potatoes. With her husband's help, Margarit trades all agro-products in the nearby villages. This is their only source of income. 

Margarit applied for a VisionFund loan with an aim to develop the farm. The US $2,100 loan purchased ten pigs and forage and repaired their farming machinery. This will surely help to have a more productive farm and increased income. Margarit is full of hope and will work hard to create a better living for her little kid.