VisionFund Impact 2022 Overview

VisionFund Impact 2022 Overview Report

In the year ending September 2022, VisionFund produced more evidence of the impact of its work than in all the preceding years of its existence, since 2003. This momentum started in 2021 and has grown throughout this year, culminating in seven client impact surveys; two external evaluations of recovery lending; and three external evaluations of FAST (Finance Accelerating Savings group Transformation), one of which includes both baseline and endline studies. Twelve studies provide 12 opportunities to tell our impact story to help us make decisions to create greater impact. VisionFund's data and evidence comes from the outreach ('know your client') data that we collect with every client transaction — such as, the client's sex, the number of children supported — and from the client impact surveys that MFIs are in the process of implementing. The results related to child wellbeing and to resilience and poverty are summarised in the VisionFund Impact 2022 Overview Report.