Woman in Senegal holding goat with child

Recovery Lending for Resilience Project Summary

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing massive economic disruption around the world, especially harming the extreme poor served by World Vision. Small farms and businesses face disrupted markets for their products and services, reduced buying power by their customers, and business havoc caused by restrictions on movement. World Vision will provide a financial lifeline through recovery loans, enabling farmers and entrepreneurs to recapitalize and get back to business quickly as restrictions are lifted. We seek $55 million for our Recovering Lending for Resilience project over the next three years. We expect to leverage this by nearly $95 million in concessional loans from international lending institutions and government. The project will provide recovery loans to over 700,000 people (78% women) per year and benefit over 2.7 million children to help families regain their livelihoods and be more resilient.