Adrien Ong, Chief Strategy Impact & Services Officer

Adrien Ong

Chief Strategy Impact & Services Officer (Interim)

Adrien Ong has been with VisionFund since July 2019 as the Chief Strategy, Impact and Services Officer and is responsible for leading the Strategy, Impact & Services (SIS) group.  SIS combines Strategy, Impact, Products, Innovation & Partnerships, Digitisation & Operational Change, Portfolio Strategy, and Audit.  The SIS mandate is to scale up excellence, steward the VisionFund Strategy, and develop solutions and innovation that equips and enables the MFI network to realise the Strategy.

Before joining VisionFund, Adrien was Senior Director, Strategy Execution & Optimisation, for World Vision’s OurPromise priority strategic initiatives in the Strategy Realisation Office. He developed his earlier career over 23 years in investment banking, corporate banking, and asset wealth management; and he held a variety of equities and credit trading, eCommerce, and global leadership roles in digital transformation, data, client relationship management, and regulatory risk.

Adrien has degrees in mathematics and economics, is married to his wife, MaryAnn, with 4 children, and he is an active leader at Hillsong church UK.