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World Vision Typhoon Haiyan Response Grant


The World Vision Typhoon Haiyan Response (WV THR) through the World Vision Development Foundation (WVDF) awarded VisionFund International US$400,000 to support this initiative of self-recovery of livelihoods through the provision of microfinance lending to beneficiaries in the affected communities.



In part through funds from this generous grant, VisionFund International’s microfinance institution in the Philippines, the Community Economic Ventures Inc. (CEVI) developed and implemented a special recovery loan called Bangon Kabuhayan which means to ‘recover your livelihood'. This product helped thousands of people affected by the typhoon to access the necessary funds to recover their livelihoods. The Bangon loan addressed the urgent need for capital that microbusiness owners need to revive a disrupted livelihood, or to start up new income generating ventures. The loan amount and repayment period were adjusted, depending on the needs of individual families. The loan product increased standard loan size limits and the flexibility of the terms to allow loan officers to tailor them to the needs of the borrower. The loan capital was recycled thereby supporting continued investment in income generating activities and the local market restoration.

This response is in line with VisionFund’s new global strategy to integrate microfinance into development and humanitarian work in order to increase the impact for communities and children. The inclusion of microfinance in the response to Typhoon Haiyan in 2014 meant that thousands of children benefited when CEVI offered this ‘recovery loan’ to complement World Vision’s rehabilitation work. Within the WVTHR areas, CEVI disbursed 2,028 Bangon loans, with an average loan size of Php16,995 (US$369). A total of Php31,847,00 (or around US$700,000) was lent to rebuild businesses and livelihoods ranging from fishing, trade, animal husbandry, general services, agriculture and production. A total of 8,112 people benefited from the loan, including 4,048 children. 

Futhermore, CEVI leveraged the resources of an additional partner, as well as its internal resources and VFI’s, and offered the loans to affected communities beyond the WVTHR areas. As of August 2015, CEVI have reached 4,889 families in total with Bangon loans amounting to Php94,887,000 (US$2.1 million), benefitting nearly 20,000 community members, including more than 10,000 children. 

In June 2015, CEVI and VFI completed a survey of Bangon clients to assess the impact on their recovery that the Bangon lending program had. The results indicated that a large number of clients believe that the vast majority of loans were utilized for business activities, as intended, and that families benefited substantially from business activity that was generated. 

Among the key findings: 

• >80% of clients used 90% or more of their loan for business activities

• 96% of clients reported that the loan was helpful to restoring their livelihood, with approximately 50% of those reporting full recovery or better and the others reporting partial recovery

• 92% reported stronger income due to the Bangon loan


One person greatly affected by Typhoon Haiyan was Lori. She lost her home, her fishing boat and along with it, the chance to make some money. Aside from the immediate needs of food and shelter, what she wanted most was to recover her business so she can put her life back together - as quickly as possible. 

Twelve months later, and Lori is back out and fishing. She is one of the thousands of people who took out a recovery loan to buy the things they needed to rebuild their business quickly and fully.

Watch Lori’s Story in this Short Film.