Statement about Softbank

LONDON – 14 April 2020. VisionFund International has become aware that technology investor Softbank is expected to report losses to its investment fund, the Softbank Vision Fund, as widely reported in media publications.

VisionFund International is in no way affiliated with Softbank or the Softbank Vision Fund portfolio. VisionFund International has never had any financial or partner affiliation with Softbank and its subsidiaries, and will not be commenting further at this time.

VisionFund International is the wholly-owned microfinance subsidiary of World Vision, the global Christian relief, development and advocacy organisation, a global leader in improving and transforming the lives of children, their families, and their communities.

VisionFund's financial inclusion solutions enable families and communities in World Vision's program areas to develop a reliable source of income and livelihood. By providing microloans, microsavings and microinsurance services, along with strong partnerships, we are working together to bring families and children out of poverty.

In FY2019, VisionFund International’s network of microfinance institutions provided loans to 1.1 million clients, with nearly three-quarters of these going to women and over a third to clients actively involved in farming. Repayment rates were 97.1%. Also, in FY 2019, over 3.5 million children were positively impacted through its MFI network located across 28 countries in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America. Because of the impact of COVID-19 globally, these services are more important than ever.



Miyon Kautz - VisionFund International |