Call for Expression of Interest - Embedded Education Learning Design


VisionFund International (VFI) is seeking a consultant to design learning content for VisionFund’s client education materials (specific topics TBD). Each module will contain 4-5 education topics using a participatory learning approach (i.e., dialogue-based, interactive, utilising adult learning principles). The education sessions engage participants in dialogue and problem solving on selected topics that respond to real needs of clients’ daily lives: business skills, health, etc. These materials will be used with VisionFund clients across the 28 countries where we operate.


  • Introduction and overview of the organisation (max 1 page)
  • Outline of the proposed solution (max 3 pages)
  • Budget (1 page)



As part of your expression of interest, please indicate:

  • How you will develop stories that communicate educational messages, using adult learning principles and a participatory education methodology
  • Sample of previous relevant work
  • Experience designing materials for oral preference learners
  • Experience designing materials with a gender lens
  • How you will determine key educational messages to be included in materials



VisionFund International (VFI) is a wholly owned subsidiary of World Vision International, a Christian relief development and advocacy organisation. Working together, we provide the foundations for local economies to flourish in healthy and safe communities. Through its network of 28 microfinance institutions, VisionFund works to achieve financial inclusion, where all individuals and businesses have access to useful and affordable financial products and services that meet their needs. We also provide financial services including credit, microsavings and microinsurance to people living in poverty.



Deadline for submission  - Monday, 24 July 2020

Analysis of submissions / Potential follow up or clarification / Due diligence - 27-31 July, 2020

Start of engagement - August 2020


Please send your expression of interest via email to the following: