Reflections: VisionFund Mali lessons learned, managing in a fragile, conflict context

VisionFund Mali Lessons Learned in Fragile Context

As the number of conflicts and disasters continue to rise around the world, VisionFund offices have been affected, creating challenges for staff, clients and microfinance instiution (MFI) operations. Learning from our past will set us on a course to better respond in the future.

VisionFund is focused on serving the most vulnerable, and Mali is amongst the most fragile countries where we work. VisionFund Mali is serving more than 26,000 clients with savings, loans and insurance products through its network of 24 branches. 92% of clients are working in agriculture including livestock breeding and fattening and to a lesser extent, cropping. From 2018 onwards, VisionFund Mali experienced an unprecedented crisis in the central area of the country. Reviewing how the leadership team, together with World Vision, responded, andcontinues to respond, to the crisis can provide insight for other MFIs.