Coconut Oil Helps Send Children to School

ოთხშაბათი, ოქტომბერი 2, 2019
VisionFund Ghana
ოთხშაბათი, ოქტომბერი 2, 2019

Atta Potir has been producing coconut oil for over 35 years. It was a skill she learned from her grandma and has been her steady source of income ever since. But at times it's difficult for production because of the coconut costs and availability of coconuts.

Due to these difficulties, and that fact that she was a single mother of seven (daughter Lucy Mensah, age 18, pictured), Atta was only able to send her children to public school and provide the basic necessities of life. Atta heard about VisionFund Ghana from promotion through World Vision and decided to get a group loan to be able to purchase coconuts and store up for the dry season. Three years and three loans later, Atta has been able to increase her oil production, get access to markets and store up for difficult times. She has also been able to send her oldest children to university.

“VisionFund Ghana has impacted our lives tremendously,” says Atta. “I can now send my children to private school and university. I’m so grateful.” 

Atta Potir
Atta Potir producing coconut oil