VisionFund employee Barry

Meet Barry

How are VisionFund benefits?
I think VisionFund offers good benefits, such as a generous contributory pension - I found the percentage contribution to be similar to what I’ve experienced in private sector multinationals. I also appreciate that we get a good amount of annual leave. 

What do you most enjoy most about working for VisionFund? 
Because of the nature of our global work, VisionFund has very flexible working conditions including home-based working. Not having to commute into London every day means I have more time and energy for my family.

How is VisionFund different? 
People who work for VisionFund are incredibly committed to the mission of the organisation. Some other companies I have worked for have had to try hard to manufacture enthusiasm about their brand. Here, VisionFund staff are passionate about what we do. This creates a good sense of camaraderie, team working and job satisfaction.

Barry, Global Director of Risk and Compliance
United Kingdom