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Where We Work

A Global Organisation with a Regional Focus

VisionFund Australia partners with VisionFund International across 30+ countries however, VisionFund Australia particularly focuses on three countries in our Asia-Pacific region: Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Myanmar.


The motivation behind this strategy is based on need and impact.


Compared to the other regions where VisionFund International works, the Asia-Pacific region has the:

•          highest impact e.g. the number of children impacted and jobs created
•          highest number of active borrowers
•          biggest percentage of female clients

•          great need because of years of conflict and for Myanmar 50 years of economic and political isolation


Through donations from our supporters, we can enable even more entrepreneurs and farmers to sustainably build better futures for their families and communities. Unique in the world of microfinance, we partner with World Vision to provide integrated solutions that magnify the impact of your donation so your contribution leaves a significant and lasting legacy.



During the last 36 years, Cambodia suffered genocide under the Khmer Rouge and then a civil war . This affected all areas of the country’s social and economic infrastructure, making it much poorer than its Thai & Vietnamese neighbours. The average Cambodian annual income is only USD $1,000.


Current estimates show only 20-30% of the population have access to financial services, making the people’s path out of poverty very difficult.


In many ways, Cambodia is a flagship country for VisionFund International, because of its high impact e.g. the largest loan portfolio (USD 137 million) and the second highest  percentage of female clients (93%) in the Asia Pacific region.


Some of the VisionFund Australia team have worked in the field in developing countries, and many of our team visited VisionFund Cambodia in mid-2016.  They saw firsthand, the impact of your donations and met our extraordinary clients who are lifting their families out of poverty, sending their children to school and giving hope for better futures.


Find out more about VFI’s work in Cambodia


Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is home to over 20 million people. Although it is an island abundant with natural resources, the country still bears the scars left by the 20-year civil war and the Asian tsunami in 2004.


Signs of development can be seen in the urban areas of the country but in the rural regions, which is most of the country, poverty dominates. Which means there is still a lot of work to be done to ensure children live healthy and fulfilled lives.


Many families struggle to provide for their children, even the simplest things like having the ability to send their children to school. Small loans and training empower the children’s carers so they can start or grow their rural businesses. This economic empowerment is sustainable and it increases their income. For every $1 profit, women spend 80 cents on their children; education, better nutrition and education. Microfinance is a hand up, not a hand out.


Sri Lanka has the highest percentage of female clients (99%) in the Asia Pacific region and has the second largest percentage share of the regional portfolio and third largest percentage share of active borrowers in the region.


Find out more about VFI’s work in Sri Lanka



Myanmar is Asia’s second poorest economy and is currently emerging from over 50 years of international isolation.


The Burmese are rich in diversity, talent and hope and we are working closely with them to help unlock economic potential; transforming communities and empowering families.


The country is experiencing a triple transition; from a military rule to a constitutional democracy from a controlled economy to a market based system and from 50 years of conflict towards peace.


Myanmar is now considered to be one of the countries with the greatest economical potential in Southeast Asia and has the second largest percentage share of borrowers in the region, after Cambodia.


VisionFund has been operating in Myanmar since 1998, are the second largest microfinance provider in Myanmar and one of the few recognised and licensed institutions. VisionFund Myanmar are empowering people through financial inclusion – business loans, education loans, savings and innovative insurance that helps buffer the vulnerable in times of crisis.