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VisionFund Australia

Brighter futures for children. Empowering families to create incomes and jobs. Unlocking economic potential for communities to thrive.

We aim to change the lives of families experiencing long term poverty living in rural and remote areas. By raising much-needed funds that will be leveraged to provide small loans and other financial services to business-minded people, we enable them to build the future they want. We work closely with World Vision to offer integrated solutions for those living in poverty.  

Our integration with World Vision presents us with a unique market. We work in areas where people have already benefited from World Vision development programmes but are unaware of the benefits of microfinance. To these people, we provide both financial services and business training to help our clients achieve success.

We established VisionFund Australia in 2016. The services that your generosity allows us to facilitate, are intended to help our clients increase their household income. We offer small loans to increase stock, diversify business or purchase the equipment people need to drive business growth. Our microfinance products are tailored to the needs of the communities we serve. Your generosity has helped to transform lives, keep children in school and provide medicine and healthcare needed to live full lives, in 28 countries.

Learn More About Us

At VisionFund, we not only release our annual report, but also a social performance report. This report provides a deeper dive into how our work around the world is really impacting lives. All of our documents are found online.