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VisionFund Lanka provides client-centric microfinance loans that are guaranteed by groups within the community, and monitored by VFL’s loan officers.


Agriculture and Business loans make up the majority of loans obtained by clients, with education, housing, dairy, water and sanitation also included in the portfolio.



These loans are given to clients alongside the main loans, for child education and housing development.


Child Education Loan –Sisudiriya (Student Empowerment)  

Loans are sought out to buy books, uniforms, shoes and to pay school fees at the beginning of each academic year. VFL introduced a loan product with an affordable repayment mechanism, enabling parents to fulfill their children’s education related needs without having to borrow from multiple sources.

From Rs. 5000 - Rs. 15,000 @ 12%  


Housing Improvement Loan –Sanasuma (Relief)

With the objective of providing improved living conditions for the children of our clients, VFL introduced the ‘Sanasuma’ Loan. This Parallel Loan acts as an incentive, for our most loyal clients.  



These loans are provided to clients as a result of collaborative projects with World Vision Lanka (WVL).


PROFEED - Promoting Farming Enterprises in Dairy

This project promotes rural dairy farming enterprises. WVL provides the technical know-how and skills development training equipping farmers with the knowledge to efficiently run a hygienic dairy farm. VFL steps in at this juncture to provide the financial support to purchase cattle or renovate/construct a cattle shed.


 ARISE - Financial Solutions Beyond Micro-Level

A VFL and World Vision Australia collaborated Small and Growing Business (SGB) project that provides financial solutions to borrowers who have gone beyond the micro-level and in the transitional stage between microfinance and formal financial solutions. The project is currently implemented in the North Western and Western provinces 


 Homes not Houses - Financial Support for Development Projects

A VisionFund Lanka and Habitat for Humanity Sri Lanka project focused on ‘Building a Sustainable Future Together' aims to bridge the gap between relief, rehabilitation and development for resilient and secure communities in the North and East. . VFL overlooks the microfinance component in the provinces. 


RIWASH - Rural Integrated Water, Sanitation and Hygiene


Building Roofs for Families

An integrated project with WVL, Wattawalla Plantations and VFL, the project aims to provide better living facilities for up-country plantation communities. Wattawalla Plantations provides the land, while WVL builds the house and VFL provides a loan to put up the roof.  To ensure that the repayment installments are not burdensome to clients, an extended repayment period is given. 



Shop owners are provided with a loan to purchase goods related to sanitation, thereby increasing access to instruments that enable plantation communities to maintain better sanitary standards.