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Learn - Share - Do

April is the Month of Microfinance (MOMF) and we’re asking for your help to tell others about this powerful tool that stops people falling back into poverty.

MOMF is a grassroots movement of student organisations around the world with a passion for microfinance and an intense commitment to learning. The aim of MOMF is to:

  • listen and explore
  • question and challenge
  • evaluate and critique


Ways to get involved

Visit the Month of Microfinance website to find out more:


Fund a loan to help a future borrower

Donate US$25 to part-fund a loan. Give up coffee for April and you’ll have enough to help fund a loan – you might even help a coffee farmer. Choose a borrower

Raise between US$300 and US$600 to fund a full loan. Group giving helps you raise money collectively. Name your group and #momf and we’ll make sure people know that you’ve helped someone else start their business. Choose a borrower

Need fundraising ideas? Download 7 ideas to raise awareness and funds for microfinance.