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With Thanks to Oliver Wyman

Supporting our work

Oliver Wyman is a leading global management consulting firm. They partnered with us to supply a strategy review to our global centre and individual microfinance organisations pro-bono. We thank the partnership and all their consultants who have supported our work by sharing some of their experiences below.

Angelina Grass-Oguma
Partner, Oliver Wyman

‘From a personal point of view, I like working with people who I feel I can click with. The staff at VisionFund are people who have a financial background that want to do more than just make money for banks. This is how I feel and so I am grateful for the balance that VisionFund helps me find.’ Read More

Victor Lee

Senior Consultant, Oliver Wyman 

'I may have gone to Africa at some point in my life, but if it weren’t for volunteering with VisionFund, I wouldn’t have had the chance to meet the people, see how they think and listen to their stories. It was a priceless experience.’ Read More

Thomas Stapp

Senior Consultant, Oliver Wyman 

‘During my time in Senegal, I got to lead a project myself, and develop my own project management skills. Moreover, I really felt like I was contributing something to a society, by helping someone at the grass roots level. It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.’ Read More

 Listen to Thomas talk about his experience.