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Myanmar is now considered to be one of the countries with the greatest economical potential in Southeast Asia. However,more than 80 percent of Myanmar's population still lack access to formal financial service and we are working closely with them to help unlock potential and transform communities into micro-economies.  


We have been offering microfinance and other financial services to poor people in Myanmar since 1998. Through our work, we help small business owners create or develop small businesses with affordable credit. Owning a small business provides financial security to a family. It enables them to increase their household income and to improve their quality of life. The children of our borrowers enjoy better health, nutrition and education.

 We have 13 service centres in key rural areas. We also work in two of the country’s primary economic hubs; Yangon and Mandalay. Client funds have been used for local projects including constructing schools, building roads and supporting healthcare. As loans are paid back, others in the community can benefit from further loans.