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VisionFund Tanzania shares a passion for providing opportunities for those in the poorest and most difficult to reach areas. We desire to sustainably lift the poor out of poverty and improve the outlook and lives of children across Tanzania.

Many of the poor are hardworking, resourceful and determined to solve their own problems. Without access to capital and financial services, income is irregular and sometimes only enough to survive day to day.

For nearly a decade we have been helping the poor, who are highly capable of starting a business. Our financial services complement and further World Vision's aims to reach out to those living in poverty. These combined interventions help to improve their lives; their children’s future; and the communities where they live.

VisionFund Tanzania will train thousands of farmers to understand the demands of the commercial markets, produce successfully for those markets, provide loans to purchase farming inputs and enable over thousands of savings accounts within the footprint of the program. We also anticipate that this will eventually lead to a several fold increase in the income of farmers and help improve education, nutrition, housing, health and spiritual well-being for themselves and their families.