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A Message from VisionFund's Board Chair

Jon Hartley, New Zealand

It’s not unusual to hear surprise from lenders, donors or industry colleagues as we describe our growing network’s reach and impact on the lives of millions of children through the loans and financial services that we provide to over 930,000 of the world’s poor.

We have seen our 7,000 staff in countries across the globe help more rural clients than ever before lift themselves from hardship and suffering, despite natural disasters and difficult economic environments. We are particularly pleased with the people we are attracting to our network both at senior levels - where we now have over 150 years of banking experience; and in roles with our clients - where staff are trained to provide the right financing in a respectful and caring manner.

At VisionFund International, we are enthusiast about the future as we work to aim at improving the lives of 3.5 million children every year by 2016.

Leadership Spotlight: VisionFund's President and CEO

Scott Brown, UK

Scott Brown joined VisionFund in May 2006 with nearly two decades of banking experience and is responsible for overseeing the organisation's operations.

Mr Brown was formerly vice president at Canada's largest bank, the Royal Bank of Canada, where he served in Toronto, Montreal and in the UK. Whilst in the UK, he was CFO and COO of a £13bn regulated bank with offices throughout Europe and the Middle East, engaged in retail, financial institution and corporate lending, global treasury, bond distribution and private banking.

He held a number of roles during his time with the Royal Bank of Canada which involved directing banking operations in areas such as home and personal lending, credit management, financial management and control, international treasury operations, strategy and administration.

Before entering banking, Mr Brown worked as an engineer in Switzerland, the Canadian Arctic, Australia and Newfoundland.

He holds an engineering degree from McGill University and an MBA from Concordia University and has been a director of several Royal Bank subsidiary boards, and a co-author of a Toronto Board of Trade paper on affordable housing.

'What we do is really straightforward. We provide small loans of a few hundred dollars to people who have no access to financial services.

Over the last ten years we have worked tirelessly to provide life changing, high quality support to some of the world's poorest regions. Over the next three years we aim to impact 3.5 million children each and every year, making a lasting change to their lives.'

Scott Brown, CEO VisionFund President and CEO

Board of Directors

Jonathan (Jon) Hartley, New Zealand
VisionFund International Board Chair

Ingrid J.M. Allemekinders-Pols, NL
Partner at Ernst & Young; VisionFund International Board Vice Chair

Jean Baptiste Kamate, Mali 

Partnership Leader - Global Field Operations
World Vision International

Scott Brown, The United Kingdom
President and CEO,

VisionFund International

Suanne deBoer-Miedema, Canada
President, Miedema's Board Consulting Inc.


Gary Duim, USA
Vice Chairman, US Bancorp (retired)

Chris Glynn, USA
Senior Vice President, Transformational Engagement,World Vision US

Emma Osborne, UK

Chief Investment Officer and President,Chubb Investment Services Limited


Kevin Jenkins, UK

President & CEO, World Vision International

Stephen Lockley,
The United Kingdom

Chief Financial Officer, World Vision International

Michael Mithika, Kenya
CEO, JM Mantle & Co. Ltd.

 Tiffany T. F. Huang,  Taiwan 
 Senior Partner & Practices  Head, Baker & McKenzie



Senior Management Team

Scott Brown

President and Chief Executive Officer

Max Robinson

Chief Operating Officer

Christopher Laurent

Chief Financial Officer

Paul Elliott

Chief Operating Officer

Katherine Galliano

Director, People & Culture

Peter Harlock

Global Director of Strategy

Don Haszczyn

Resource Development Director

Amanda Kamin

Marketing &

Communications Director

David Kombanie

Global Director, Governance